Product Overview

The X2000 is a solar powerhouse, running and charging multiple appliances including a solar powered fridge, mobile phones, a radio, a torch and bright lights for hours after just a single day of charge. The innovative solar refrigeration solution can operate in high-heat tropical conditions and constantly maintain an 8 degrees Celsius inside the cabinet.  Each unit comes bundled with a host of other innovations – a super-bright tube light, fully customizable lamp brightness, linkable bulbs, ultra-efficient accessories like the radio and torch all powered by an exceptional zero-maintenance long-life battery, that will over-deliver for years without needing replacement or servicing. All this and more can be yours at a fraction of its cost, thanks to our patented PayGo technology! 



50L fridge maintaining < 8 degrees Celsius temperatures


Mobile charging via USB ports


60x brighter than kerosene

Pay Go

Pay in easy installments

Product Highlights

A solar powerhouse 

The X2000 provides efficient refrigeration for tropical climates with the Global LEAP-awarded compressor consuming less than 200Wh per day, which is 1/6th of the power consumed by a traditional AC refrigerator of similar capacity. It is also bundled with 5 lights and a rechargeable torch and radio.  It can power large appliances via 12V ports for hours. In addition, USB ports allow charging multiple smartphones simultaneously. Power in your hands! 

PayGo technology 
Easy on the pocket and comes with a world of accessories at a similar price as you are paying for batteries, kerosene and cheap lanterns today. 

In The Box



  • Tube light Up to 600 lumens 
  • Bulbs Up to 220 lumens 
  • Lighting Runtime Up to 14000 lumen-hours of light on full battery 

  Additional Features:

  • Customizable brightness settings,  
  • Power Saver mode,  
  • Bulbs connected in series to reach distant rooms 


Solar Panel –  80W 

Battery –  12Ah (153.6Wh) 

Lamps – 1x tube light, 4x bulbs 

Accessories- radio, torch, mobile charging adapters 

Appliance –  Solar refrigerator 


Refrigerator Specifications

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