about us

A Leader in Solar Power for Off-Grid Families

Our vision is to empower all with the freedom and improved quality of life that comes with access to reliable, affordable off-grid light and power. Our aims are:
  • to provide affordable power options for off-grid communities.
  • transform the way people can access, use, and pay for energy.
  • supply all people with an affordable and safe energy supply.
We put power in your hands! The simple, reliable, affordable, pay-to-own solution to your energy needs is here! Sola PayGo powering PNG one household at a time.

What we offer

Versatile, powerful light and power products with mobile chargers for homes and businesses.

Our Vision Your Energy

The freedom & improved quality of life that comes with access to reliable power.

PayGo Techology

Pay in easy installments, Its really easy 3 Step Process to recharge your energy credits

See how we work with touch of experience

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